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PE (Polyethylene foam) is the most common and largest production plastic, a kind of thermoplastic resin. Many kinds of polyethylene are known, with most having the chemical formula (C₂H₄)nH₂. They are low density, medium density and high density polyethylene. PE is odorless, tasteless, and generally harmless. PE is white, light, flexible and able to bend. PE foam is a new type of foaming material for strong cushioning, shock proofing capabilities.
PE (Polyethylene foam) is an environmentally-safe foaming material.
EPE Foam is a lightweight, semi-rigid, flexible closed cell foam, most commonly used in packaging, for impact and shock absorption, vibration dampening, and surface protection. It is also used in some of our gym floor mats and foam gym equipment.
Foam Sales’ EPE is extremely versatile as it is easily shaped, formed, routed, and cut to size. It is dust-free (does not powder), is non abrasive, is inert, and resistant to fuels and oils. This EPE is semi-rigid, yet flexible and pliable. Its closed cell structure is moisture resistant (though not waterproof).
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